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  • september 2013
    Open source - get involved!

    It’s funny, I’ve spent a large proportion of my spare time this year working on open source projects. Around 14 years ago, one of my closest friends introduced me to the “open source” ideology and philosophy.  My first reaction was probably a typical one, particularly at the time - “If I pay for something, it’s bound to be better quality. Why would I want to use a free (read: substandard) alternative?”.  Over the following year, I began to see more and more the benefits - want to see why something doesn’t quite work? Get the code and investigate. Want to experiment with something? Get the project yourself and have a go.

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  • january 2013
    New year, new resolutions

    I failed at writing this post last year, so let’s hope this one sees the light of day! 2012 was a great year both personally and professionally. I won’t go into the former, but there were some extremely happy memories from many points throughout the year so that’s a success in my book. With the latter, I got to attend a number of conferences on various different topics, I experienced the awesomeness that is the PHP community and worked on some exciting new projects at work.

    As a result of all the above, I’ve formulated a rough list of things I want to do (or do more of) in 2013. We will see how I get on with them…

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  • october 2012

    I’ve already announced this over on the work blog when I wrote up my experience and trip to php|tek ‘12 in Chicago, earlier in the year. But I thought it was probably also worth a more personal writeup here too…

    So yes, my plan is to kick off a Brighton PHP user group.

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  • july 2012
    Welcome, Maisy Leigh :-)

    Welcome to the world to my new niece :-)

    and congratulations to Lisa and Chris!

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  • march 2012
    Doctrine 2 - detaching all entities

    We ran into a little problem at work this afternoon. Running a full set of Behat features caused one of the scenarios to fail in the middle - it was a scenario detailing user signup via an API, where the response indicated that the expected security token was from a different user object. Strange as the database indicated there was only a single entity that had been persisted. Running the scenario on its own, everything was fine.

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