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  • october 2014
    PHPNW14 - another great conference

    This weekend I ventured up north once again to attend the PHPNW14 conference in Manchester. Last year was the first time I’d been, having heard so many great things about it, and it didn’t disappoint. It wasn’t a hard decision to make about coming back in 2014!

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  • july 2014
    JIRA API - the correct username

    I’ve been investigating how to integrate tagging in git repositories (hosted at GitHub) with JIRA versions. Smartcommits work great for tickets vs commits, but I wanted to get more integration with regards to releases and processes around that.

    But using the JIRA API wasn’t as clear as it could have been with regards to the right user credentials for authentication.

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  • november 2013 - the Android app, v2!

    At the PHPNW13 conference in October 2013, the team released the latest version of the Android application. This was a major update, moving the application from version 1 of the API to version 2, as well as other style tweaks and bug fixes. screenshots

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  • october 2013
    Current project: Pi!

    I’ve had a pile of various electronic bits sat on my desk, that I’ve slowly been adding to over the past six months or so. I have a cunning plan to use my Raspberry Pi for something useful!

    Parts for the Pi project

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  • september 2013
    Symfony2 MySQL password encoding

    I’m migrating a legacy application bit by bit to Symfony2, to aid maintainability and to provide a stable environment for adding tests. As part of the migration, the users will have a couple of different applications to log into, with the Symfony2 application gradually becoming the more dominant one of the two. I wanted to keep the authentication details the same across both applications naturally, so that it wouldn’t cause users too much hassle during the migration. The legacy application uses the MySQL PASSWORD() function for passwords sadly, and Symfony2 doesn’t support this out of the box that I could see.

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