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september 2016

With less than a week to go until 2016’s PHPNW, it’s time to start getting geared up for Friday night’s hackathon! If you haven’t got your hackathon ticket already, make sure you sign into your ticket management and add it in - it’s always an excellent experience. is one of the featured projects available to get stuck into, and there are lots of ways you can get involved with the project. If you’ve not contributed before, then don’t worry - project maintainers will be on hand to help you get set up and underway, and our JIRA board’s “easypick)” issues are always a good place to start. We have a virtual machine setup available based on Vagrant, which will get you going with the minimum of fuss, and we’ve got this on some USB sticks so you don’t need to wait for the conference wifi.

Whilst the project (API and website) is predominantly web, we also have native iOS and Android apps which also need some help - if you’re handy with Java/Objective-C, maybe you could get stuck into these too…

How to get involved

Come to the hackathon, find the table, and pull up a seat! And don’t forget your laptop :-) If you’re keen for a quick start on the night, then go to our about page), get the development platform set up, and take a look around the issue lists on JIRA.

See you on Friday night!

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