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may 2016

Stuff I’ve learnt. That’s a hell of a lot of stuff. As the saying goes, “every day is a school day” and I absolutely subscribe to that fact. My posts here are somewhat few and far between which is in itself an odd thing as the idea was that this repository of words was to be a reminder to myself of what I’d learnt, or handy tips that I’d later refer back to. It doesn’t appear that I’ve carried that off somewhat…

I had an idea a few months ago. What if there was a really easy summary-style site where you could just whack in the “stuff you’d learnt” that day, maybe tag it or have it auto-tagged based on keywords within the content, and then you could look back over a period - a month, a year, whatever - and see the stuff you’d learnt? Let’s take an example day from this week just gone for me. I learnt:

  • Fastlane’s individual tools also really value their specific config files alongside the Fastfile
  • Deployer is a nice tool for PHP-based deployments (I’m used to Capistrano)
  • JSQMessagesViewController needs more documentation rather than just “demo project, kthxbye”
  • Amazon’s Simple Notification Service is over-complex and probably not the best solution to “just send push notifications”
  • I have no idea which FitBit to buy

as well as other items in my personal life as well. That’s just 5 items, and I’ve pulled those out from browsing my Chrome history for memory triggers. The fact I’ve had to do that means that maybe I haven’t recorded it that strongly in my head as well.

Anyway, this is a germ of an idea. Maybe will bloom and grow. Who knows!

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